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Brabic Hot Sauna Jacket with Adjust Belt

$42.99 USD

Noted: This product is the pre-sale item!

2 in 1 Jacket

Full coverage with long raglan sleeves and mock neck line with zipper, easy to put on and enhance muscle abs, lock on the body temperature. Upgraded jacket with belt design which accelerate fat burning achieve maximum weight loss.

Hot Sauna Materials

Made of neoprene material is perfect for weight loss, soft and smooth. It works and fit like thermal sauna on your body.

Sweat Up to 500%

The perfect combinetion of hot sauna materials and full coverage design, help to accelerate fat burning, maximize the effectiveness of your workout. Sweat 500% more than usual during your workout.

Sweat Hot Sauna Jacket Core Benefit

Lock on the body temperature when you are on fitness both summer and wintter. Reduce heat loss in cold condition, keep you warn while you are workout.

Smooth material reduces chafe and delivers an comfy feel to your skin, the sauna jacket is your best go-to wear for running, yoga, jogging any gym exercise.

Raist up the EPOC (post-exercise oxygen consumption) of your body, work out with a sauna jacket can also provide a "afterburn effect" which brings a lot of good things like burning more calories, shape your body.

This sauna jacket can only hand wash, in cold water, hang dry, No iron.


S 32.6-34.6
35.4-37.4 25.1
M 34.6-36.6
37.4-39.7 26.0
L 36.6-38.9
39.7-42.1 26.2
XL 38.9-41.3
42.1-45.2 26.4
2XL 41.3-43.7 45.2-47.2 26.8
3XL 43.7-46.0
47.2-49.2 27.6
4XL 46.0-48.4 49.2-51.9 28.0